Upcoming Events

June 6

JYC: Developmental Youth Circuit Final (MYF)

June 6-7

JFF: Toronto Challenge III (TFC)

June 13-14

JFF: Asian Community Games (VGO)

June 27

JFF: Milton Youth Epee Cup #4 (HBF)

July 6-10

SE: Vango Summer Camp (VGO)

July 11

JFF: Muskoka Summer Fun Tournament (MKO)

July 13-17

SE: Summer Fencing Camp - Week 1 (TFC)

July 20-24

SE: Summer Fencing Camp - Week 2 (TFC)

August 1-14

TRN: Fencing Supercamp (SFO)

August 3-7

SE: Vango Summer Camp (VGO)

August 10-14

SE: Summer Fencing Camp - Week 3 (TFC)

August 17-21

SE: Summer HP Foil & Epee Camp (TFC)

August 17-21

SE: Vango Summer Camp (VGO)

August 22

FUN: Ryerson Foiling Around (RYE)


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OFA Instructor-Beginner Workshop: April 9-10, 2015

Where: Vango Toronto Fencing Center

When: April 9 and 10, 2015, 13:00 – 21:00

Who: facilitated by Dr. Hugh Munby, Head Coach of Queen’s Fencing and NCCP-certified Learning Facilitator

The Ontario Fencing Association and the Vango Toronto Fencing Center are partnering to run this two-day training workshop NCCP Fencing Instructor-Beginner context for foil, épée and sabre.

The workshop will include both peer work guided by Dr. Munby, required learning materials, as well as hands-on teaching within classes at the Vango Toronto Fencing Center.

Attendees will receive NCCP Fencing Instructor-Beginner *Trained* status upon completion. Certification pending evaluation and submission of portfolio and Making Ethical Decisions.
Participants must have completed the following NCCP multi-sport courses:
-Planning a Practice
-Make Ethical Decisions
or NCCP Comp-Intro-A

Details on the Multi-Sport modules and their delivery can be found here.

Cost is $150 per participant. Registration is limited to the first 12 entries and the workshop requires a minumum of 8 registrants for the workshop to be presented.

To register for the workshop, please follow this link.