Upcoming Events

April 19

JFF: Thousand Dollar Strike (SWP)

April 25-27

JFF: Challenge Des Nations (SRF)

April 26-27

JYC: Ottawa Junior (RA)

May 3-4

TNG: Aide-Moniteur Workshop (PFC)

May 9-11

CHMP: Eastern Championship (UTM)

May 11

JFF: Grand Duel of Musketeers (SWP)

May 16-18

CHMP: Summer Senior Nationals

May 17

JFF: Thousand Dollar Strike (SWP)

May 31-June 1

CHMP: Can/Am Cup

June 14

JFF: Developmental Foil Circuit: FINALS (MYF)

June 21-22

JFF: Asian Community Games (LCC)

July 5

JFF: Muskoka SummerFun (MKO)

August 11-15

TRNG: TFC Summer HP Training Camp (TFC)

Contact Information

General inquiries should be send to June McGuire, Executive Director:

Email: info@fencingontario.ca
Telephone: (905) 525 6693

Postal Address

Ontario Fencing Association
984 Main St. W. Hamilton, ON L8S 1B2

OFA Executive

The OFA Executives for the 2012-2013 fencing season are:

President (Interim) - Lucie Hamelin
First Vice President - Marilyn Jeffrey
Second Vice President - Kyle Foster
Treasurer - Michael McDonnell
Secretary - Bogdan Damjanovic
Director At Large - Jessica Zhang

Executive Director - June McGuire


Other Contacts

Equipment Coordinator: Bob Fitzpatrick
Harassment Officer: Kyle Foster
Rankings Coordinator: Vacant
Communications Assistant: Kristina Han
Officials Administrator: vacant