Upcoming Events

October 25


October 25-26

OPN: Queen’s Open (QFC)

November 1-2

JFF: RMCC Team Invitational (RMC)

November 8-9

OPN: Brock Open (NIA)

November 14

TRNG: TFC PA Day Beginner Camp I (TFC)

November 22

OPN: Western Open (MSC)

November 22-23

JYC: Ottawa Shield (RA)

November 23

JFF: Canada Cup-Cake (SWP)

November 28-30

CHMP: Canada Cup #1 (FEQ)

November 29

JFF: Newmarket OCC (NEW)

December 5

TRNG: TFC PA Day Beginner Camp II (TFC)

December 6


December 6-7

JFF: Toronto Challenge I (TFC)

December 7

JFF: The Grand Duel of Musketeers (SWP)

December 13-14

JYC: Ottawa Junior (RA)

December 22-26

TRNG: TFC Fencing Christmas Camp (TFC)

December 29-January 2

TRNG: TFC Winter HP Camp F/E (TFC)

January 2-4

TRNG: OFA Foil Training Camp (RA)

Jan 3-4

JFF: TFC Team Challenge F/E (TFC)

January 10

JFF: Ryerson Invitational (RYE)

January 23-25

OPN: Niagara Winter Fencing Open (NIA)

February 7-8

OPN: Governor Generals (RA)

February 21-22

JFF: K-town Veterans Challenge (KIN)

March 14-15

TRNG: TFC March Break Beginner Camp (TFC)

JFF: Toronto Challenge II (TFC)

JYC: Apsimon Junior (RA)

May 3

JFF: The Grand Duel of Musketeers (SWP)

June 6-7

JFF: Toronto Challenge III (TFC)

Ontario Summer Games

The Ontario Summer Games are the Province’s premiere multi-sport event and provide sports competition for youth between the ages of 11 and 22. The 26 sports will involve approximately 3,500 participants (athletes, coaches and officials) from across the province, as well as over 1,000 volunteers.
Ontario Summer Games athletes will compete in the following sports: archery; athletics; baseball; basketball; canoe/kayak; cycling; fencing; field hockey; lacrosse; lawn bowling; rowing; rugby; sailing; shooting; soccer; softball; swimming; tennis; triathlon; volleyball; water polo and water skiing.


The sport of fencing has been a core participant in the Ontario Games program. Until 2008 fencing was considered a winter sport in the Ontario Winter Games.  In 2010, we participated in the Ontario Summer Games for the first time. The change was made to bring us in line with our other major games programs, (Canada Summer Games, Pan Ams, Summer Olympics), to give us a full season for selection, and to cause less intrusion into the participants’ academic lives.

The athletes in the 201 program will be selected from the  Y16 (Cadet) age group. For the full Ontario Games fencing program, including selection criteria, watch this site.

Preliminary selection to the 2014 Ontario Summer Games:

Please look these over carefully and email immediately to report any errors or omissions.


May 30 2014: In order to reserve your place it is required that you email chajune@hotmail.com by May. 30 2014 to accept or decline. After that date your spot will be given to the next alternate.
Any errors or omissions in the results or rankings must also be reported to chajune@hotmail.com by this date.  Any appeals to selection must be written by email to chajune@hotmail.com. Write a brief letter outlining the reason for the appeal. Any appeal must be based on errors in the results or rankings or OFA failure to follow the identified selection process. 
Notes on Wild Cards and Alternates

Wild Cards are special options to allow athletes who could have qualified for selection but did not due to either ilness or injury, or other emergencies that prohibited them from competing in enough of  the designated competitions.
The calculations to determine if the athlete might have qualified are as follows:
An average of the athletes results are taken. This score is added to the partial score as many times as the necessary competitions missed.
eg; Athlete A  competes in three events and then is injured. There are two remaining competitions in the selection. Her scores in the three competitions are 63, 68, and 82 which total 215. The average is 71. Therefore this score is added to the total making a final score of 355. This score is used as her final score placing her in 7th spot. Since the top nine are qualified she earns a spot at the Games. This does not bump any other qualifying athletes since it is considered an “extra spot” 
In some cases injured athletes have applied for a card but earn the necessary points  in spite of their injury. In this case the Wild Card is not used but is reserved of other athletes who may need it. For the 2014, we had two applications that proved to be uneccessary. There were two other Wild Cards due to injury. In one case, the athlete did earn a spot at the OSG using the calculations. The second applicant earned an Alternate position and will go if the position is freed up.
There are eight female and eight male alternate positions. They are assigned in order of points combining all three weapons in the specific gendre. For these Games it is required that we keep the genders equal. A female spot that is vacated due to an athlete declining a spot or getting sick or injured will allow the next person on the alternate’s list of the same gender to fill that spot, no matter which weapon the original athlete fence.
EG: Athlete B fences Womens Foil but declines due to a family reunion. Alternate 1 fences Womens Epee. She is place in Womens Epee and there is one less athlete in Womens foil. 
Final Selection will be announced on June 5, 2014
An on line registration system, managed by the Ontario Summer Games will be open as soon as selections are finalized. 
The cost of the weekend will be $300 per athlete. This will include:
  • OSG fee
  • Games clothing
  • Competition entry fees
  • Hotel and food for Thursday night, Fri night and Sat night
  • transportation while at the Games
The fee will not include:
transportation to and from Windsor. There has been some subsidization in the past but this has not yet been determined by the Ministry.
All athletes will be expected to stay with the team in the official hotel. No exceptions will be made.
More information will be made available once the selection has been finalized but if you have any questions please contact me at 905-525-6693 or chajun@hotmail.com