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Aug 31 - Sept 4

High Performance Camp (OTT)

September 5-6

4th Toronto Open (TFC)

September 6-7

Referee Development Workshop - Toronto

September 13

OFA Annual General Meeting

September 19-20

10th Toronto Challenge (TFC)

September 25-27

CFF: Canada Cup for Veteran, University, Senior, Junior, Cadet, U15 and BC Open for U14
(Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC)

October 3-4

Referee Development Workshop - TBC

October 17

Milton Youth Epee Cup, #1 (HBF)

October 24

Spooky Youth (WFC)

October 31 - November 1

RMCC Team Fencing Invitational (RMC)

October 24-25

Referee Development Workshop - Kingston

November 14-15

Brock Fencing Open (NIA)

November 21

Newmarket Challenge (NEW)

November 27-29

CFF: Canada Cup for Veteran, University & Senior, National Championships for Junior, Cadet & U15
(Complexe Branchaud Brière, Gatineau, QC)

May 21-23, 2016

CFF: Canada Cup for Junior, Cadet, U15 and National Championships for Veteran and Senior
(Centre Sportif Collège Edouard-Montpetit, Longueuil, QC)



Veterans Fencing in Canada

The Canadian Veterans Division of the Canadian Fencing Federation was begun formally in 2007 after the hugely successful Commonwealth Veterans Championships hosted in Toronto, Ontario, in July of that year.

Almost 100 fencers over 40 years old, initially identified themselves as competitive fencers. Canada joined a growing number of countries and regions around the world with Veterans groups still bit by the fencing bug even though they were long out of their teens and twenties.

Fencing is truly a life-long sport, as is evidenced by these competitive athletes who are keen to travel the world to test their skills, keep fit into their senior years, connect with old and new friends and to just have a blast. with the sport they love.

“Why do people join the veterans fencing organizations? Everyone remarks on the spirit and the atmosphere at the competitions. This comes from our having a common love of fencing and interest in the skill of the sport. Veterans have usually given up the regular competitive circuit but the fencing brain is still there and is as sharp as ever.”

Henry de Silva, Chairman European Veterans Fencing (1991 - 2007)

Veterans competitive age groups are 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, and 80 plus. And yes, There are fencers on the circuit who are into their 90s!

Veterans Fencing in Ontario

Ontario has a growing number of fencers in the Veteran Category, and a growing number of competition organizers are running Veterans events at Ontario Challenge and Just for Fun Events. The majority of Veteran Canadians who travel for competitive events are from Ontario. This year the OFA will be supporting our Veterans in several ways:

  • promoting events for Veterans at each competition
  • training camp and conference for Ontario Veterans
  • officials training and support for Veterans
  • web page
  • awards

Use these links for more information about Veterans Fencing in Canada and around the world:





 NEWS Links

Ontario’s Vets Conquer Commonwealth

Commonwealth Veterans Fencing News

Commonwealth History Click on result by sport and/or country and they have interesting data going back to 1950. This won’t be of interest to most, but for us old codgers it brings back a few memories.

Veterans News June 2015

June 2, 2015

The fifth annual Can/Am Veterans Cup is now in the books. By all accounts it was a great success:

  • 137 Fencer s participated in 198 weapons, the most ever.
  • The caliber of fencing was on par with most other International Veterans tournaments; 5A, 7B, 7C, 16D, as well as top ranked Canadian and American fencers.
  • There was great fencing and wonderful camaraderie.

Our Gala Dinner Dance was held at The Monte Carlo Inn, Markham, with 95 in attendance. Ellen O’Leary (USA) was this year’s honouree, plaques were also presented to Jackson Wang and Michel Dessureault of Vango Fencing.

Lucie Hamelin, (President of OFA) addressed the attendees on behalf of Canada, Jude Offerle on behalf of the US and Michel Dessureault on behalf of Vango Fencing.

Some of the stats:

  • Individual medals;  Canada 42, USA 42;
  • The gold medal results in individual and team; USA 15, Canada 10
  • Must be mentioned;  Canada swept Combined Men’s Epee and 60+ Men’s Epee.

Lots of people to thank;

First of all Vango Toronto Fencing Centre, for allowing us to stage this event at their outstanding world class facility. Jackson Wang, Michel Dessurealt and the entire staff at Vango Fancing.

Our generous “Weapon Prize” sponsors: Allan Weinbaum , WJ Properties, sponsoring two weapons, Mark Ballard, Alan Buchwald (California), Elie Newman, Rob McLean and Gaby Weisz.

DT Thomas Nguyen and all the referees and secretariat, a not so easy job well done. Pat Morrow, two full days at weapons control and armoury. Steve Cousins for a great T-shirt design and music for the Gala event.

We had greetings in our program book from: The Honorable Michael Coteau, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Province of Ontario; His Worship Frank Scarpitti, Mayor of Markham; Mr. Brad Goldie , President and CEO, Canadian Fencing Federation ; Ms Lucie Hamelin, President, Ontario Fencing Association; Mr. Gaby Weisz , Chair, Veterans Committee, Canadian Fencing Federation.

Many thanks to our devoted volunteers who keep coming back year after year: Nancy Wakeford, Maureen Rae,

Susan, Sandi and all others and the love of my life Rivka, who worked tirelessly for weeks and without whom I couldn’t organize this event.

We also thank all the fencers who participated who with the exception of a very few were not disappointed.

We thank our American Veterans Family for once again participating in large numbers and we hope this will increase in the years to come.

Complete results can be found here>>


Have a great summer


Thank you for another wonderful Can/Am tournament. It was a great weekend of fencing at a well-run event. I am already looking forward to next year.


Congrats on another great Can-AM.


Many and special thanks to a man of class Gaby Weisz and his team for organizing this great tournament, to Michel Dessureault for his hospitality at Vango and to my special friends of Hong Kong Francis Lee, Grace Born, Bela &:Mike Krasnich from Vancouver and for all others across Canada. A real pleasure to see you and fence with you. See you soon my friends

♡ DL

Congratulations for making possible to have an international fencing event like the CAN/ AM Veterans Cup every year. 


I am still aglow of the great tournament you put on! 


Right off the bat, a giant THANK YOU!

Every year you say that this is the “best Can-Am ever”, this year is can be said louder than all of the rest. You and your great team of volunteers, referees and the people at Vango worked overtime to make this a wonderful, smoothly run and enjoyable event. I believe, because of all of your efforts, all of the competitors brought forth their “A-game” and not only made this one of the toughest events I’ve attended, but everyone was just so congenial and friendly. I think this is, in my mind, one of the greatest compliments to the organisers. BR

I just wanted to thank you again for a great event. It was well run and the competition was great. I am already looking forward to next year. RB

Many thanks / merci beaucoup for the hard work you and your team put into the tournament this past weekend.  It was a great experience.  

It was my first Can Am but I’ll definitely be back next year! 


Just a few of the above;

We also had one letter that really disliked almost everything about the tournament.

Veterans News June 2014

Hello Veterans

The 2014 Can/Am Veterans Cup, at the Noor Centre, Toronto is now in the books.
The event by all accounts (comments at the venue and post event e-mails) was another great success.

150 individual weapons and 20 teams fenced first in overall competition then separated into age groups.
The DT headed by Mr. Thomas Nguyen, once again, did a superb job, keeping the event moving.
From the comments received the judging was more than satisfactory with very few exceptions.

The Gala Tribute Dinner/Dance honouring Mark Ballard for his great achievements in Veterans fencing, was attended by 105 fencers, partners and supporters, at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel.

Jude Offerle, chair of Veterans Committee, USA Fencing, Lucie Hamelin, president of OFA and chair of OFA Veterans along with Brad Goldie, president and CEO of CFF addressed the attendees.
Brad reflected on the state of Veterans fencing in Canada in the past and moving forward with the establishment of the Veterans Committee of the CFF.
His comments were very encouraging.
It will now be up to us Veterans, to use the tools and the co-operation we were given to further
Veterans Fencing in Canada.  

Our US fencing family did not disappoint, they attended in large numbers and promised to return in ever larger numbers next year.
The calibre of the competition was very high. Seven world Championship medalists, Several A’s and B’s were in attendance, in all weapons.

Our Canadian Veteran men won 28 medals and our women 9. The US men won 15 medals and US women 27. The total medal count was USA 42, Canada 37.
Kyle Foster (Canada) was Champion at arms for men and Jennette Stark-Faulkner (USA) for women.
We would like to take the opportunity to once again express are thanks and grateful appreciation  to our prize sponsors, our many volunteers who spent two full days helping at the venue with registrations, food service,  weapons control and keeping the floor orderly.
Thank you to our referees.

The priority of the Veterans Committee in the coming years will be to increase veterans participation.
Lack of participants has been our major problem in the past and is still prevalent.
We shall do our best to overcome.

Full results of the Can/Am Veterans Cup are posted on the OFA, USFA and CFF sites.

Thank you
Have a great summer; keep fencing
Best regards to all

Veterans News January 2014

Happy New Year to all.
I am sure your New Year resolutions are well in place; to fence more, attend more tournaments and keep on fencing.
Once again the Veterans Division of the Canadian Fencing Federation has the pleasure, privilege and opportunity to organize the 4th annual Can/Am Veterans Cup 2014.
This is the premier Veterans tournament in North America.
Can/Am Veterans Cup 2014
The Premier Veterans Tournament
May 31 – June 1
All weapons, individual and team
Master at Arms Champion Awards
Age group medals awarded
Cash Prizes and much much more;
Gala Dinner and Dance, honouree for outstanding achievement in Veterans fencing.
Special rates event Hotel, steps from venue.
 Most of all great fencing and camaraderie
Support and be part of Veterans fencing.
Make this event a success
For brochure, registration forms and more info; Gaby Weisz:  veteranfencer@bellnet.ca

Veteran News July 2011

Hello Veterans:

Last year we had over 45 attending our annual fundraising BBQ.

Lets do better this year!

If you are unable to attend please send your donation to c/o G. Weisz

36 Thornridge Dr

Thornhill, On

L4J 1C6

Cheques payable to: Canadian Fencing Federation /Veterans Division

Donations of $25.00 and over are tax receitable.

If you attend $20.00/p.p. cash



December 9-12, 2011 Kansas City, MO

March 16-19, 2012 Cincinnati, OH


Registration deadline fast approaching:


Porec, Croatia  September 27 - October 2, 2011

Join the Canadian team veteranfencer@bellnet.ca


Regards to all


Veterans News May 2011

April 21-25 2011: Coupe Curacao

June 11-12 2011: Edmonton Veterans Cup

Sept. 27-Oct 2 2011: Veteran’s World Fencing Championships, Porec Croatia

2011 Can-Am Cup

Please click here for details on the 2011 Can-Am Cup!

Vets Results

NAC “D” Detroit, MI.  March 2011 here