Upcoming Events

October 17

Milton Youth Epee Cup, #1 (HBF)

October 17

Developmental Foil Circuit #1 (MYF)

October 17-18

Queen’s Open (QFC)

October 24-25

Referee Development Workshop (Ottawa)

October 24

Spooky Youth (WFC)

October 31 - November 1

RMCC Team Fencing Invitational (RMC)

November 14-15

Brock Fencing Open (NIA)

November 21

Newmarket Challenge (NEW)

November 27-29

CFF: Canada Cup for Veteran, University & Senior, National Championships for Junior, Cadet & U15
(Complexe Branchaud Brière, Gatineau, QC)

December 5-6

ApSimon Junior (OTT)

December 27-31

Winter High Performance Foil & Epee Camp (TFC)

January 30-31

Ottawa Shield (OTT)

May 21-23, 2016

CFF: Canada Cup for Junior, Cadet, U15 and National Championships for Veteran and Senior
(Centre Sportif Collège Edouard-Montpetit, Longueuil, QC)



The Ontario Fencing Association

The Ontario Fencing Association is the Provincial governing body for fencing and is mandated by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, to represent all aspects of the Sport of Fencing in Ontario. Click here to find out more about our organization.

Finds us on Facebook HERE!

2015-16 Memberships

Membership dues are due as of August 1st, however the OFA is implementing a new online registration system for Recreational, Associate and Club memberships. This system will greatly improve the process and provide administrative efficiencies, for example, by eliminating the use of the bulk order form and give clubs more control over the process. The system will be operational mid to late September. In order to take advantage of the system, the Board has voted that, for this year only, we will extend our membership year until September 30th. We have checked with our insurance provider and they have assured us that extending the membership has no bearing on our insurance policy. This is how we recommend that you proceed:

Competitive Members

To renew or purchase your CFF licence please click the link here>>

Recreational Members

*New for 2015-16, all recreational level registrants MUST ALSO have a CFF licence! The OFA member clubs must ask for proof of purchase (payment receipt) or the CFF membership card (printed from the membership section on the CFF website) prior to allowing any individual to participate in club activities and programming. 

New or Renewing

To purchase your CFF licence please click the link here>>

Associate Members

Clubs are requested to complete the bulk order form found here>> and send to l.bishop@fencingontario.ca. The OFA will be launcing a new system to allow individuals to register as an Associate Member in the near future.

Club Membership

The 2014-15 club memberships will be extended until September 30th. Clubs will be required to register using the new system when available and prompted by the OFA.

Clubs requiring insurance certificates: please contact the Executive Director at l.biship@fencingontario.ca


Results of the OFA Veteran Baseline Survey

The OFA Veteran Committee is pleased to release the results of its baseline survey of veteran fencers.  We are extremely pleased that 95 fencers participated, of which 80 were from Ontario.  The high participation rate (more than 60% of Ontario) is a strong indication that veteran fencers care about the future of our sport and want to be heard.

The survey resulted in 10 recommendations from the OFA Veteran Committee that were presented at the OFA Annual Meeting on September 13, 2015.

In order to share the results of the survey with veteran fencers, fencing clubs, tournament organizers, and other OFA stakeholders, the Committee has prepared two documents in pdf format:

  1. Baseline Survey Executive Summary:  this document contains a brief introduction, highlights from the survey, and the recommendations presented to the OFA Annual Meeting. Download here>> 
  2. Baseline Survey Detailed Analysis:  this document provides analysis for all of the 48 data points covered in the survey.  You will see that many participants provided very insightful comments in responding to the 6 freeform questions in the survey. Download here>>

To access either or both of these documents, please click on the download links provided above.

The OFA Veteran Committee is currently working with the OFA Board, other committees, and other stakeholders to develop specific plans to implement all of the recommendations arising from the survey.  We will also liase with CFF on matters of mutual interest.  In the coming weeks and months, we will be in touch periodically to keep you informed as specific initiatives emerge in response to the recommandations.


Ontario Fencing Association Announces New Board

Toronto ON, September 14th, 2015. The Ontario Fencing Association (OFA) is pleased to announce the election of two new members to its Board of Directors, as well as its full slate of directors for 2015-16.

Joining the board are Howard Simmons (First Vice-President) and Vivian Poon (Treasurer).

Howard is an avid veteran fencer, pentathelete and competitor on the provincial, national and international circuits. He is also a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and a former chair, of the Business Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association.

Vivian joined the OFA as a youth fencer and has competed successfully on the regional, provincial, OUA, and national circuit. She has completed an Honors Specialization in Accounting (CPA) at Western University and is completing an internship as an Income Tax Auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency before returning to the Ivy Business School.

We welcome both Howard and Vivian to the Board.

We would like to thank our outgoing board members: Michael McDonnell has been a board member and treasurer for 17 years. His insight and advice on financial matters have been invaluable over the years. Marilyn Jeffrey has served on the Board as First Vice-President for two years. Marilyn`s meticulous work and diligence during this transition year have been crucial to the preparing of our successful audit.

The 2015-16 OFA Board of directors is comprised of:

Lucie Hamelin (President)
Howard Simmons (First Vice-President)
Marc-André Lebanc (Second Vice-President)
Vivian Poon (Treasurer)
Bogdan Damjanovic (Secretary)
Jessica Zhang (Member at Large)

About us

The Ontario Fencing Association is the Provincial governing body for fencing and is mandated by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, to represent all aspects of the Sport of Fencing in Ontario.


Laurence Bishop
Executive Director


Referee Development Program - Workshops 2015-16

The Referee Development Program for this upcoming season aims to continue the focus on mentorship and quality of refereeing in the province, while augmenting our capacity to foster as many candidates as possible through to final certification. Those who have not yet completed their certification will continue to develop. New registrations are now open to all OFA Members who meet the requirements of Regional and/or Provincial-level certification, as well as National level development for those who qualify.

Clinics and workshops aim at establishing understanding for the rules and conduct of refereeing, as well as providing some focus and tools for developing the skills. However, refereeing skill sets are principally developed through practice and correction for improvement, as with fencing itself. This is the continued focus on mentorship of candidates, while more attention will be given to develop existing certified referees, as well as those who are interested in pursuing national-level development.

There are three Stream C Referee Workshops planned for this season. Those who have not completed their certification at the end of the 2014-15 season are required to re-enroll this season for continued mentorship and testing. Those who are not registered for these sessions or are otherwise unable to attend may need to wait until the 2016-17 season to register. Stream D development is conducted separately and will be discussed with those participants after confirmation of enrolment.

Those who are already certified in at least one weapon, but wish to attain certification another weapon, or alternatively upgrade their certification, may also register, but may only be required to attend select portions of the workshop. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Course Facilitators:  Thomas Nguyen, Michael Ivankovic, Dmitry Balashov, Dan Banks

Dates & Locations:   

Sunday and Monday, September 6-7, 2015 – Toronto
Saturday and Sunday, October 24-25, 2015 – Ottawa, (East)*
* Workshop locations may be changed/selected based on the locations of the majority of registrants available for the indicated dates.

Precise locations will be emailed to registered participants prior to the event.

The second workshop is currently scheduled, but its confirmation and location will be dependent on the number of candidates interested and where the majority reside.

Cost:                STREAM C:

Regional         $125
Provincial       $175
Continuing     $50      (re-enrolment from previous season)
Upgrade         $50


National development          $200

Online registration and payment is made at the following link here>>

You MUST also fill out the experience document found here>>



  • Please complete attached registration form & submit by email.
  • Please register by Sep 2 for the Toronto workshop, and by Sep 11th for the remaining workshops.


Note: please review the target entry standards for the applicable Streams. Stream D applicants must submit application prior to online registration.

Contact:          thomas.nguyen@utoronto.ca

References:  Candidates undergoing the certification program are required to read the rulebook PRIOR to attending the workshop. The rulebook can be downloaded at one of the following websites:

English:           http://www.britishfencing.com/governance/rules/fie-rules/ (BFA)

French:           http://www.fie.ch/Fencing/Rules.aspx (FIE)

Focus should be primarily on the Technical section; however, general knowledge of the remaining sections will be required in order to pass testing. Note that there will be a Written Examination as a part of the certification process.

Current Certified Referees

Currently certified referees who wish to attend the workshop for continued educational training can do so at no cost, however, must pre-register with the Course Conductor (please complete the registration form as well, and indicate level of certification; only certain parts of the session are applicable). This does NOT apply to those who wish to upgrade or certify in other weapons, as noted above.

For additional information, please contact: thomas.nguyen@utoronto.ca


OFFICIAL NOTICE: 2015 OFA Annual General Meeting

This is the official notice of the 2015 OFA Annual General Meeting!

The 2015 OFA Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 13th at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites (175 Wynford Drive Toronto, ON – SEE MAP). Registration begins at 8:45 am SHARP!

Please take the time to fill out the AGM meeting RSVP found here>>. The RSVP form is now open. Your RSVP deadline is midnight Sunday, August 30th!

You MUST fill out the required RSVP form if you intend on participating or not! Member clubs are permitted one official representative to take part in the business matters at the AGM. Lunch will be provided and based on ONE representative per member club. Additional club representatives may attend but will be limited admission to observing only. Lunch WILL NOT be provided to those observers and they MUST be official OFA members to enter.

Please see the OFA AGM Agenda here>>.

If your club RSVP’s as a non-attendee, you have the option to provide your vote via proxy to another club in attendance. Please see the OFFICAL PROXY FORM here>> due via email to l.bishop@fencingontario,ca by end of day Saturday, September 12th.

Finally, there are two board positions up for election in this cycle. Please see the OFFICIAL BOARD NOMINATION FORM here>>, due via email to l.bishop@fencingontario,ca by end of day Saturday, September 12th.

RSVP’d club representatives will be provided a link to review all AGM related reports via email on Sunday, September 6th, one week in advance of the AGM.

For those club representatives in need of accommodations, a room rate of $125 has been negotiated. Please book your room through the official hotel by calling toll free 1-877-474-6835 and quoting the Ontario Fencing Federation.

We look forward to an excellent AGM!


Important OFA Veterans Baseline Survey - Please Participate

August 11, 2015

From:  OFA Veterans Committee

Re: Request for your participation in an important baseline survey

In pursuit of its mandate to enhance veteran fencing in Ontario, the OFA Veteran Committee is undertaking a baseline survey of existing and prospective veteran fencers to identify opportunities for improvement and to set priorities for the 2015-2016 and subsequent fencing seasons.

We would greatly appreciate your taking 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.  Please complete the survey as soon as possible, but ideally no later than August 31, 2015.

Registration and login instructions can be found at:


Please be assured that your individual survey responses will be maintained in complete confidence by futureInnovate, which is supporting the survey on a pro bono basis.  Only aggregate data that protects the identity of individual respondents will be made available to the OFA Veterans Committee and OFA.

Based on the response data and other research, the OFA Veterans Committee intends to make comprehensive recommendations to the OFA Board and colleague committees in early September. We also anticipate that we will seek further feedback from veterans as the year progresses, to enable us to measure progress, see what is working and what still needs improvement, and continue to benefit from the input of colleagues.

In addition to participating yourself, please feel free to forward this survey invitation email to any active, formerly active, or prospective veteran fencer in Ontario, as we are looking for all the feedback we can get.

We look forward to your responses and seeing you on the pistes in the coming season.

On behalf of the OFA Veterans Committee, thanks in advance for your participation. 

Rob McLean
Chair, OFA Veterans Committee