Upcoming Events

April 25-27

JFF: Challenge Des Nations (SRF)

April 26-27

JYC: Ottawa Junior (RA)

May 3-4

TNG: Aide-Moniteur Workshop (PFC)

May 9-11

CHMP: Eastern Championship (UTM)

May 11

JFF: Grand Duel of Musketeers (SWP)

May 16-18

CHMP: Summer Senior Nationals


May 31-June 1

CHMP: Can/Am Cup

June 14

JFF: Developmental Foil Circuit: FINALS (MYF)

June 21-22

JFF: Asian Community Games (LCC)

June 25

JFF: Thousand Dollar Strike (SWP)

July 5

JFF: Muskoka SummerFun (MKO)

August 11-15

TRNG: TFC Summer HP Training Camp (TFC)

TRNG: Summer Camp Musketeers (SWP)

The Ontario Fencing Association


The Ontario Fencing Association is the Provincial governing body for fencing and  is mandated by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Health Promotion, to represent all aspects of the Sport of Fencing in Ontario. Click here to find out more about our organization.


Our membership levels has changed this year. Please click here for details about the new membership categories.

We’ve also changed to a new host for our membership!  If you have renewed with last year’s system, don’t worry, you’re all set to go.  However, if you have not, please follow this link to renew your membership or sign up for a Competitive Membership!

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Registration and tournament information for the 2014 EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIPS can be found here.  Registration deadline is Wednesday, April 30th

Venue Location:

University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Campus

Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation

3359 Mississauga Rd. Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6


Eleanor Harvey Wins Silver at Junior World Championships in Plovdiv. 

1st year junior Eleanor Harvey fought her way through some of the toughest opponants in the competition to win the Silver medal at this years Junior Worlds, including Italy’s Camilla Mancini with a final score of 15-11 in the quarter finals. Eleanor is one of the recipients of Ontario funding through Quest and our National Provincial Partnership Program, which funds designated athletes to prepare them for selection to the 2015 Pan Games to be held in the GTA next summer. Ontario based coach Paul ApSimon leads the Canadian Women’s Foil program and has seen incredible success over the past couple of years with this group of young women.  
Thanks go out to Ontario personal coaches Alice Lu and Josh McGuire for their work over many years developing this fine athlete as well as grandmother Norma and mom Lise, who made it possible for Eleanor to get the competitive training she needed to get to this podium. We expect there will be many other podiums in Eleanor’s future. For now we will look forward to watching the team competition  coming up this week. Good luck to all the teams. For the full story go to: 



OSG Updated Rankings

Updated rankings for the Ontario Summer Games, including results from Provincials Championships, can be found here.


2014 Ontario Provincial Championship Results

Results for completed events at the 2014 Ontario Provincial Championships can be found here.  For JMS, JME, and VS results, please see this link.



Congratulations to those of you who took advantage of the opportunity to have a professional photo shoot done at the Provincial Championships:

Go to this site to order your prints.  shareyourmemories.ca/ofa2014


 1. Go to the link and find your pictures. They will be in more than one place if you had two different sessions

2. Click on the ones you like. The package includes 2  8 X 10 prints but you can order as many as you want for $15. each.

3. Fill in the form and pay with your credit card.

All the prints will be sent to the OFA office to be mailed out from here. 

You will have about a month to see them on line.

If you were a Gold Medalist at the Provincials:

Find the numbers for the prints you like (2X 8X10s) and email them to me (chajune@hotmail.com)

I will order them for you. If you gave away your coupon, you will have to order the prints that the lucky other fencer wants. I will only except orders from you directly. Be sure to include their mailing address with your order.