Upcoming Events

Aug 31 - Sept 4

High Performance Camp (OTT)

September 5-6

4th Toronto Open (TFC)

September 6-7

Referee Development Workshop - Toronto

September 13

OFA Annual General Meeting

September 19-20

10th Toronto Challenge (TFC)

September 25-27

CFF: Canada Cup for Veteran, University, Senior, Junior, Cadet, U15 and BC Open for U14
(Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC)

October 3-4

Referee Development Workshop - TBC

October 17

Milton Youth Epee Cup, #1 (HBF)

October 24

Spooky Youth (WFC)

October 31 - November 1

RMCC Team Fencing Invitational (RMC)

October 24-25

Referee Development Workshop - Kingston

November 14-15

Brock Fencing Open (NIA)

November 21

Newmarket Challenge (NEW)

November 27-29

CFF: Canada Cup for Veteran, University & Senior, National Championships for Junior, Cadet & U15
(Complexe Branchaud Brière, Gatineau, QC)

May 21-23, 2016

CFF: Canada Cup for Junior, Cadet, U15 and National Championships for Veteran and Senior
(Centre Sportif Collège Edouard-Montpetit, Longueuil, QC)




2014-2015 Season Official Upgrades

The OFA Officials Commission would like to congratulate the following candidates in the attainment of their new/upgraded certifications during the 2014-2015 season:

  • Jacqueline Fountain P – epee (upgrade)
  • Fidelia Ho   P – epee (upgrade)
  • Philip McCully P – foil, epee (upgrades)
  • Alecsandru Tudor P – foil, epee (upgrades)
  • Callum Butterworth P – epee, R - foil
  • William Kinney R – sabre 
  • Michelle Li R – epee
  • Jonathan Li R – foil 
  • Bram Locknick R – epee, sabre

Congratulations again to all successful candidates. We look forward to your future contributions to OFA events as referees, and continued development.


Officials Linkage Policy

The Canadian sport system is aligning itself with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Framework. This document sets out the linkage between the different stages of LTAD and the different training and certification levels for officials in Ontario. We consider this linkage from two independent perspectives: the level of official required to support competitions at the different LTAD stages, and how the development of officials is linked to their overall progression through the LTAD framework.

The LTAD-Officials Policy